New Camel Dissolvable Package and Product Redesign

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Category: Camel Dissolvables
Date of Item: April 2011
Available: Colorado and Charlotte, North Carolina .

Last month  Lawrence Deyton  from the FDA  replied  to Jonnie Williams, CEO of  STAR Scientific, the company which produces Ariva dissolvable tobacco,  that “Not all tobacco products are currently subject to Chapter IX of the FDCA [Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act]. At this time, only cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco are subject to Chapter IX FDCA Section 901(b)” (Ref, Star Scientific)

Since that announcement, Reynolds American owners of Camel Dissolvable tobacco, redesigned the product, packaging and  Camel Dissolvable website.  Also Altria announces, their subsidiary  Philip Morris will launch in March 2011  Marlboro Sticks and other Altria’s  subsidiary UST will release Skoal Sticks  -both Altria’s products are still unseen in the retail community.

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New Camel Dissolvable

Brochure front

Ads Available at retailers in Colorado. Thank you the Center for Global Tobacco Control, Harvard School of Public Health.  
Retail Ads originally Posted on SNUS NEWS. Thank you.

All captions and images referenced @ Camel Dissolvable Website

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fda announcement on Dissolvable Tobacco
FDA Clarification on Dissolvables
FDA to require substantial equivalence reviews for new tobacco products- Jeffery Ventura
Letter From Lawrence Deyton to Jon Williams of Star Scientific
Letter From Lawrence Deyton to Mr. Daniel Delen Reynold American (camel) representative
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